With the over 200 year history of Plot 35 on Davis St in downtown Culpeper, Virginia its not surprising that our last Investigation produced some amazingly unexpected and unexplained results. We thank Andrew Ferlazzo, the owner of Grass Rootes for the opportunity to investigate the basement of the restaurant. The photo and audio evidence we gathered leaves little doubt in our minds that the past inhabitants of this buildings various establishments are still present within those walls.

The 1st photo is what we refer to as the “vortex” After discovering the “mist” in the photo and examining it further, it was noticed that multiple faces are present. The 2nd is General Thomas Roote. A member at the time took the photo over the fireplace which appears to have a resemblance to General Roote. According to the restaurants owner, many patrons have seen this face in the bricks. The 3rd photo was taken in the woman’s restroom. The story goes that a slave child is seen and heard in there and has spooked several servers.The picture was taken facing a mirror with the stalls in the background. This image appeared and seems to show a child peeking out between one of the stalls. The 4th photo shows a black mass oozing out of the original jail grates that are attached to a brick wall in the basement. The last photo is our cute married couple, Mike and Ginger


Private residence- Jacks Shop Rd. Madison VA

Oldford House Investigation

Also known as "River View", this farm has quite a historical past. The farm was the Henry Fry Plantation from 1793 to 1852. A remodel and expansion of the home was done in the 1860's. Henry Fry was a descendant of the Henry Fry whose home was "Bending River". It is said that the Fry Plantation resembled a little town with the many slave shacks scattered up from the Rapidan River. Many of the old foundations of these shacks can still be found scattered around the farm.
There is a small cemetery in the farm with marked graves from the Fry family as well as the Webb family.
The farm was sold in 1850 to Moses Weaver and was renamed the "Weaver House" and remained in the family until the 1960's. The farm was used as a dairy for many years and several barns still stand today. There are three houses still in occupancy on the farm. (More information can be seen on page 88 in the book of Madison Historical Houses found at the Madison County Library)
The farm was said to have been commissioned as a hospital after the Battle of Jack's Shop in 1863.

It was a great investigation. One of our members experienced their 1st sightings.As one member was taking pictures up the staircase, he said “where did the little boy come from” He had seen a small African American boy standing at the foot of the stairs. Little did he know that another member had seen the same vision the day before at the initial client interview. You can almost see the surprised expression on his face in the last photo below.


The Gordonsville Exchange- A little cameo fun with the Tennessee Wraith Chasers.


A little Halloween fun at one of our favorite haunts, Grass Rootes


Private residence - Bealeton VA

On this old homestead, the client had experienced disembodied voices and seen several apparitions. We did capture an interesting photo in the field behind the home that appears to show a cannon of the civil war era. Several members also saw movement of soldiers and heard voices in the field as well.


Private residence- Resettlement home- WolfTown VA

This location was an original resettlement home built for the families displaced by the construction of the Shenandoah National Park. I'm on the fence when it comes to orbs, but the below pictures were taken in succession without flash.


The Graffiti House- Brandy Station VA

The Battle of Brandy Station was one of history's greatest cavalry engagements with over 20,000 troops, including 17,000 cavalry, engaged in battle. Although the Union advance was repelled, the overwhelming dominance of the Confederate cavalry was broken.

The Graffiti House served as a field hospital for the South during this and other local battles during the war.  It also served as a headquarters facility for the Federal forces during the winter encampment of 1863-64.  Soldiers from both sides made drawings and signed their names and units on the walls.  Rediscovered in 1993, much has been preserved.

During the investigation, Ginger, in the photo below stated she felt something behind her, next to Mike. After looking at photos, the below picture appears to show a mist on his shoulder. When enlarged, an apparition appears to be whispering to him. Perhaps one of the many soldiers trying to tell him of his time at the Graffiti House.


Private residence - Harrisonburg VA

The home owner contacted us with claims of seeing apparitions( man in a top hat standing next to his bed) and hearing strange noises to the point of being afraid to stay in his brand new town home.Most of the activity was taking place in the master bedroom. We started the investigation in this bedroom.One of our member, who is not usually one to get strong feelings when it comes to the paranormal, immediately became overcome with grief and sadness to the point of crying and feeling dizzy.Others in the group also felt a tremendous heaviness in the room. This feeling stayed with us for several hours as we went thru the rest of this beautiful home. Thankfully by the end of the investigation, this feeling had gone away. We did not capture any photos or recordings out of the ordinary during this investigation. We were however able to debunk many of the noises as being bleed thru by the neighbors and HVAC in the attic. As for this heavy feeling, We can’t exactly confirm what that was, other than the research we did finding some historical relevance to the property the town homes are built on or near. That night after returning home, the member who had the reaction in the bedroom had a vivid vision of a man appear to her. She described it as a movie playing before her eyes that lasted all of a second then was gone.It appeared he had blood dripping down his face in the vision. Below is a sketch she did of the vision and a picture of Confederate Cavalry General Turner Ashby—who was killed at the Battle of Goods Farm close to the property.It may be completely coincidental, but very intriguing at the same time.Gladly though, the client has had no further experiences and is living comfortably in his home.


An afternoon troll thru The Battle of Cedar Mountain

The Battle of Cedar Mountain, also known as Slaughter's Mountain or Cedar Run, took place on August 9, 1862, in Culpeper CountyVirginia, as part of the American Civil WarUnion forces under Maj. Gen. Nathaniel P. Banks attacked Confederate forces under Maj. Gen. Thomas J. "Stonewall" Jackson near Cedar Mountain as the Confederates marched on Culpeper Court House to forestall a Union advance into central Virginia. After nearly being driven from the field in the early part of the battle, a Confederate counterattack broke the Union lines resulting in a Confederate victory. The battle was the first combat of the Northern Virginia Campaign.


A day visiting Swannanoa in Afton VA

Swannanoa is an Italian Renaissance Revival villa built in 1912 by millionaire and philanthropist James H. Dooley (1841–1922) above Rockfish Gap on the border of northern Nelson County and Augusta County, Virginia and  sits high atop the Blue Ridge Mountains at Afton. 

If you enjoy architecture, this is a place you want to visit.The main home is magnificent and hopefully will be brought back to its glory. We walked back thru the old cobble road to the carriage house and did some recordings. As the 3 of us stood in this dilapidated building something threw a pebble at our feet…


Colonial Williamsburg

We love all the rich history our state has to offer and Williamsburg is one of our favorites to visit. We recently partnered with the Original Ghost Tour of Yorktown for National Ghost Hunting Day and had a blast with these great people.

The 1st picture was taken during the walk. Right before this was taken,a dark mass was seen right behind one of the guides. The 2nd picture is an enlargement of the top portion of the 1st picture. There appears to be a mans face in the anomaly.